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méthodes de payement

We accept payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Echeck, Paypal, Western Union and Bank Transfer.

1. Paypal (Prefer)
Please visit http://www.paypal.com/ to get more information

2. Credit Card, Debit Card

3. Western Union

Send Money from an Agent location when you need to send money fast, count on the Western Union Money Transfer SM service. It's a convenient and easy way to transfer money.

Please visit www.westernunion.com to get more information. Processing as below:
A). We send you the payment details of name, phone number & address.
B). When your payment will be done, the required information to us are as reads:
* Sender's first name:
* Sender's last name:
* Amount:
* Country:
* Money Transfer Control Number:
C).We just can track the payment on westernunion.com line with the said details & get money from China agent location.

Western  union  online  payment:


4. T/T, telegraphic transfer via banks
A).We send you our banks' details including beneficiary, A/C NO., Bank's name, Bank's address, Swift Code.
B).You fill out the application form from your bank and submit to your bank to do the payment to us.
C).When T/T done, please fax or e-mail us the copy of bank's receipt so that we can check with bank and for our accounting file.
D).Usually it will take us 4-5 days to receive the payment.