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Coupons et rabais

1, New Sign Up Customers can get one $3 disocunt Coupon 
     ( You can find it at My Account--> My Coupons )
     Old Customers can get $5 Discount Coupon
      ( You can find it at My Account--> My Dashboard )
2, System Automatic Discount for Old Customers.

     This Discount can be used with Coupon together)
     Order Over 79USD   Discount $5
     Order Over 119USD Discount $10
     Order Over 169USD Discount $15
     Order Over 199USD Discount $20
3, Free Shipping
     Order over 100USD Free Shipping
4, Share our Website link or Make a post of Our Production on your Fackbook, Instagram or Pinterest account
    and send the link to us service@mehair.com.
We well send a $20 discount coupon to you.